Aed 203

4 Th Grade Science Experiment Aed 203 Week 8
4th Grade Science Experiment Fire Volcano


I.     The Experiment
Materials Needed:
      Red food coloring
      1 TBSP baking soda
      Large tray big enough to catch the lava
      Empty aluminum can (soup can works fine) or plastic cup

Aed 201

Safety and handling:
      Safety glasses
      Adult supervision
Experiment procedure:
Step 1: place your can or plastic cup on tray
Step 2: form the clay around the can into the shape of a volcano. Make sure to leave the  
            opening of the can clear—this is where the lava will erupt.
Step 3: decorate your tray or volcano as desired (trees, rocks, toys), but remember—
            Everything around the volcano will be covered with lava!
Step 4: fill the can three-quarters full with vinegar.
Step 5: add several drops of red food coloring
Step 6: add one tablespoon of baking soda and watch out! Your volcano will now erupt
Step 7: Keep adding vinegar and baking soda for as long as you’d like to keep your
            Volcano erupting.

Source: Katherine Noll, 978-0-448-45599-0, 2011, Disney Club Penguin Activity Adventure, China, Grosset & Dunlap
II.    Monitoring Students Performance
there are a few different ways to monitor the performance of the students while they are doing the experiment. It is best to have questions ready to ask the students as they are working on the experiment. Another thing is to have a checklist to give to each student with questions and have them answer them as they do the experiment or after they are done.
III.    Lesson Assessment
Have the students write what they think will happen before the experiment is
started and after they are done have them write what they observed.
IV.    Opportunities for cross-disciplinary learning
Aed 203 - To have the students draw an illustration on how they performed the experiment.

Aed 203


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